On their own ? Britain?s child migrants

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Are you a former child migrant? Or has your family been affected by child migration from Britain to Commonwealth countries. We would love to hear from you. Please share your memories on our message board.

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Wednesday 08 June 2011 04:33 GMT

Wonderful exhibition. I was at Fairbridge Molong late 1950s-mid 1960s. Well treated. Brings back great memories. I enjoyed ship voyage. Happy reunion with parents and lived in England 10 years working in hospitals in London.


Wednesday 08 June 2011 04:31 GMT

Many thanks to all who brought about this extraordinary exhibition. It is highly poignant that such suffering is the result, at least in some cases, of good intentions.

D Chambers

Wednesday 08 June 2011 04:30 GMT

My memories of Fairbridge Farm are coming just memories as there is now a lot of support and counselling which helps enormously. If you receive no love it is hard to give love. Please look after your children with plenty of love and they will grow up to be happy adults.

Anne Boyd

Wednesday 08 June 2011 04:29 GMT

From good intentions, sometimes driven by desperate circumstances, children have suffered, lives have broken, but some have remained optimistic. I admire the survival skills of them all.

Anne and Nick

Wednesday 08 June 2011 04:28 GMT

Having read David Hill's wonderful, but sad, story of his years at Fairbridge, we found the exhibition very emotional.

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